Sonic Bloom 2012 Review + Pictures

As the week comes to a start. it also brings the Sonic Bloom music festival to a close. This weekend was the 2012 Sonic Bloom music festival at Shadows Ranch in Georgetown, Colorado. Being one of the few music festivals we have in Colorado, it perfectly captures many of the reasons why we love living/visiting here.

With 70+ individual artists spread out over 4 days of music, this years sold out Sonic Bloom was definitely one for the books. Including local, national and international artists, this festival truly had something for everyone. Everything from glitch-hop, jam bands, and lazery dubstep kept the fans happy this weekend. There also was a handful of live painters/visual artists at Sonic Bloom, including the legendary Andriod Jones who performed a live visual art set and had some art pieces on display as well.

The highlight of the weekend had to be the 2 incredibly diverse Tipper sets. This year, Tipper featured his brand new projection mapping stage which was a total surprise to me and many other people. The colossal space ship esque stage was very surprising to all. Tipper is already known for his flawless sets, so the stage was just an added bonus to the performance. The first set he played which was on Saturday night featured his heavier, more glitchy tracks. The second set on sunday evening was a much more chill, downtempo set. It was awesome to see him playing such radically different sets, it really goes to show how diverse Dave Tipper is as a musician and how he can take on literally any style he wants.

As saddening as it is that the 2012 Sonic Bloom has already come and gone, it brings us another day closer to coming back next year. In 2011 Sonic Bloom signed a 3 year contract with Shadows Ranch, guaranteeing us at least one more year at this incredible location (if not many more to come). We would like to thank Sonic Bloom for hosting this awesome camping event each summer and allowing us to come out, shoot photos and have an awesome time.

All photos taken by Parker Rice
Parker Rice Imaging

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